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Less technical talk and more focus on the business benefits of graphic design. Do you want to increase sales and services? Establish a strong business identity that increases customer awareness and builds brand confidence. Yes!


It's not complicated. When you order print work there's no mention of the technical abilities of the Off-set printing press or the capabilities of the digital printing press. What you expect is a quality finished print produce that enhances your business turnover.


When you order a website, Smart-phone or multimedia project. We promise not to bore you with a confusing list of technical specifications. Unless it's really important to you.


All we need to know is what the goals and objectives of the project are. Target audience, budgets, delivery mechanism and time scale. We can take care of the technical details.



We have over 20 years creative and technical experience of creating print, internet and multimedia projects working with some famous household brands. Our designers are multi-disciplined specialists. In simple terms each one familiar with the Adobe software suit and technical differences between creating a project for print, screen or Smart-phone.


Effective project management comes through assessing the requirements of both parties. Once the requirements are identified, we can start to create a graphic and technical solution.


CAD Communicate – Approve – Deliver


STEP 1 Communicate

Start the creative process by communicating. Introduce your self, tell us what you do. Provide some information about how the project will benefit your business. In response we will compose a few short questions to help evaluate a solution.


STEP 2 Approval

When a project brief and solution are approved. The process of creating a graphic solution can begin. A deposit is required before work commences. Project time-scale and stage payments are also agreed at this point.


STEP 3 Delivery

Project can be delivered as paper documents, files uploaded to a web server or CD/DVD. If you chose to opt for your own printing services files can be delivered in print ready PDF format. Websites can be delivered on CD/DVD it is then your responsibility to ensure the web hosting is suitable for the project. Smart-phone projects are delivered as device ready.


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