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Drone Pilot - AESA operator - Video and Post-production - Photography


Hola, my name is Lewis drone pilot for Alicante Design. AESA registered operator with permission to fly drones commercially in Spain.

Advanced RPA license (drones) issued in 2018. Qualified to fly drones up to 25kg in weight (MTOW).

Available for aerial photography and video with experience of flying creative shots.

It's not always necessary to fly high to get the best shots.

Available to fly commercially with 2 or 3 days notice. Depending on the planning of the shoot and other requirements.

Available to fly your drones if you are an AESA registered operator and require an extra pilot.

Hourly and daily rates depending on operational (filming) requirements.

Let me know your requirements. It is easier to make initial contact by email.


AESA Registered Operator - 1 year
Advanced Drone Pilot - 2 years
Video and Post-production - 20 years
Photography - 20 years
Graphic Design - 20 years

Previous clients include work for Intel, Apple, Adobe, Sykes (UK), Peugeot, The Guardian, Scottish Power, BlackBox, Lexis Nexis and OTL.