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Graphics, text, sound, animation and video. Adding the ingredients to the technology blender, creating impressive business and training presentations.


An excellent area for a business to out-perform the competition. What about a portable video presentation straight from your Android/iPad tablet shown on a large screen HD Television.


Business/educational and interactive training. We provide a serious of educational lectures for one of the largest accountancy training companies in the UK. The product displays a serious of lectures with quizzes and feedback for the students.


This product can be adapted for your industry. Making training and promotional packages available for desktop, android, iPad and Smart-phones.


Flash Deployment

We have used Flash for presentations and animation since 1995. Flash is not dead only the web browser plug-in. Flash is a brilliant package for building desktop training and connecting to back-end databases. The new generation of Adobe Flash tools allow us to prepare presentations for desktop distribution, tablet and Smart-phone.


We can also adapt your legacy Flash presentation to work on current generation tablets and Smart-phones. Making them available for iPad use.


Big Televisions

Do you have a large screen television available to your customers. We can provide animated sales brochures and visual displays to inform your customers about your business. Helping make the next sale.


Taking the format of video DVD, tablet or Smart-phone connection to the large screen. Alternatively a presentation provide to a new generation Smart-phone in the form of a purpose built application.


Mix and Match

There are not fixed rules on how content is delivered. From a standard Power-Point presentation it's possible to launch a video or animation to reinforce the impact to the customer. When the video/animation is completed the audience is returned to the next screen of the Power-Point. How would you present a business presentation on steroids?

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