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Uk Built are print and digital design specialists. Starting out in the 1990's producing newspaper and magazine layouts. Near the end of the decade part of the outsourced Adobe localisation team creating the European software, booklets, boxes and promotional materials for the Adobe Systems product range.


At the end of the decade an outsourced company working with the UK's top design agencies providing website development, support and design for famous European Blue Chip companies.


When the bubble burst we quickly established ourselves as a multimedia company. Developing interactive presentations, print, design and internet services. Attracting a new client base of smaller businesses and continuing to provide outsourcing for larger agencies and Blue Chip brands.


The most recent additions to our portfolio are the development of Smart-phone and tablet applications.

Cross-platform mobile ready websites.

Applications for both Android and Apple devices.

Ebooks for Android, Apple and Kindle devices.


A small company proud of our heritage and the ability to provide high-end design work when the opportunity arises. The core strength of Uk Built is our flexible approach to design and technology. We value traditional design and the challenge of creating new work for emerging technologies.

We value our clients. What we look for in a new client is the ability to develop a long term business relationship. Mutually beneficial to both parties. We both grow together.


The Workspace

Uk Built have a fully equipped studio system running on both Mac and PC. Our choice of work platform should compliment your target audience. There are subtle differences in developing a polished product for Mac or PC.


Our preferred software choice is naturally provided by Adobe Systems. It's software we have used since the mid 1990's. “Expensive but worth it.”


In addition to our desktop machines we have an collection of Android phones and tablets. Apple iPads, iPods and phones available for product testing.

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