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This is a modern world: Smart-phones are popular, small is cool. Smart-phones and tablets provide information on the move. You're customers are sitting in cafe's, restaurants, train stations, standing in shops comparing the competitions prices on-line. Is your business ready to join the hand-held revolution?


Does your current website work with a smart-phone. Probably not! Many Smart-phones screens are 320 * 240 pixels in size. That makes your website mini sized. The text is unreadable with out pinch and pull. The graphics are large. Layouts constructed with tables add to the already unsatisfactory experience. It ruins the finger flicking goodness of a mobile device.


What can you do to help your customers. Here's the first option. A specialised version of your website specially prepared for smart-phones. Your main website detects the presence of a smart-phone and diverts the customer to the correct version. Improving the customers experience.


Alternatively there's a mobile first option with a responsive layout. A what? It's a shape changing layout that responds to the customers screen size. Ie: Smart-phones and small screens show a single column layout. Tablets and PC's take advantage of the full 3 column layout. The layout is responding the the customers preferred choice of device.



We also build Applications for mobile devices that take advantage of the Smart-phones special capabilities. Apps can be downloaded to the phone and provide information about your business. Let's call that one a mini marketing brochure.


The same technology can also be used for business presentations. Providing impact to your presentation. Power-point on steroids, delivered from a hand-held device. With a tablet it's possible to output the presentation to a HD television or large screen. Professional presentations win accounts and attract new business.



We provide E-book and electronic magazine publishing services. Taking your book content, typesetting it, add covers and graphics. Producing a legible E-book ready for distribution in the many on-line stores.



There are other options available to our designers for Smart-phone deployment. If you have a brilliant idea to promote your business. Just ask. We can advise on the technically possibilities and financial viability.

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